On our classroom chalkboard, the most popular saying (nugget, as we like to call it) continues to be  “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”  This has become a foundational statement that the men choose to implement in their lives. The classroom setting continues to be a great environment for sharing and growing as the participants “journey to employment” together. At the completion of each session, suggestions and comments are gathered from the graduates which helps to improve the curriculum and allows for more relevance to our program.  We have also expanded both the Maintenance and Classroom Training sessions to include additional hours for hands on training and job interview techniques.  


We are very encouraged by the Achiever’s results since the launch of Re-Connections.  70% of the graduates have attained full-time employment, with a few receiving full benefit packages.  The men continue to move from state funded transitional housing into their own apartments and homes.  A few have also purchased vehicles.  All four Class #1 Achievers have successfully completed their 6-month life coaching commitment.  These men exemplify what the Re-Connections program is all about and continue to pave the way for future graduates. Unfortunately, a couple participants have made poor choices which resulted in their return to incarceration.  We anticipate supporting these men once again upon their release.


We are very grateful to Catholic Charities for the outstanding services they provide, not only to the men in our program, but to the Flint community.  Our unique collaboration with new and existing projects continues to enhance the success of our programs.  We also appreciate our partnerships with Ashlor Staffing, Community Ventures, and others who provide employment support.


Class #5 is now in session.  Achievement Day is planned for Friday,  July 29th from 10-11 am.  We welcome you to attend and be part of this heartfelt celebration.  Please contact us for further information.


We truly appreciate all of our volunteers and supporters who share our vision.  Thank you!

God continues to move in Flint – one willing man at a time!



June 2016


We are very excited to announce the most recent additions to the Re-Connections Achievers Club.  Five men have successfully completed Classes 3 & 4 and are now pursuing a new direction in their lives.  We are very proud of these men who have decided to make a disciplined commitment to better themselves.

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