August 2017


Re-Connections welcomed its four newest members to the Achiever’s Club with a graduation celebration on Friday, August 25th.  We are proud of the accomplishment these men have attained and look forward to their contribution to the community.  Class #10 will begin on September 25th with Achievement Day being planned for November 3rd at 10:00 a.m.  You are always welcome to attend this celebration! For details please see the Events tab.

Just before every Achievement Day, we ask the participants to complete an exit survey. Here are a few of the encouraging responses we have received and thought worth sharing.


  •Why did you take this program?With my long criminal history, I needed all the help I could get and I heard good

    things about this program.”

  •Why did you commit to finishing this program?There are things in my life I left unfinished and I didn’t want this to

    be one of them.”

  •How has this program affected your spiritual journey?Made me focus on how God can bless you if you follow His


  •What is your next step? “To positively move forward in my life and to be the Best Man I can be.”


A special thank you to all who supported the “USA TODAY – A Community Thrives” campaign.  Many of you committed to voting daily throughout the campaign in support of our collaboration with Catholic Charities and a Kitchen ServSafe Certificate program.  Although we were not awarded this particular grant, we are continuing to develop this idea alongside Catholic Charities and will share more details as they unfold.


Re-Connections was recently awarded a grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation. We are extremely grateful to have been selected by this prestigious organization and to be a part of their multi-year initiative to bring change within Flint’s Northside neighborhoods where blight and crime are the highest.  In early 2018 we will begin offering afternoon sessions in addition to our morning sessions. This will help us to reach more of the 500+ returning citizens released into Genesee County each year!


We have welcomed a new collaborative effort with ELGA Credit Union to provide a banking/financial training session within our curriculum.  This new session will provide a complete segment on financial lessons as well as introduce the many banking options available. We thank ELGA and the many other outstanding organizations that work alongside us to provide our participants the best that our community has to offer.








We continue to thank Our Heavenly Father for all He has provided for our mission. His direction continues to unfold for us and we are eager to follow! We also heart fully thank each of you who provide your precious time, outstanding talents, and abundance of treasures to help inspire change in a man’s life.


The need for rising up men of character on solid foundations is critical for the individual and family.

We start with the willing man.


Did you know?

    •48% of Re-Connections graduates have been employed for over 1 year

    •39% of Re-Connections graduates have completed all parole/probation requirements

    •Only 5% of Re-Connections graduates have re-offended compared to a national average of 56%